What’s the Plan for Transit?

Transit planning is a big part of the Renton Downtown Civic Core Vision and Action Plan and we want you to stay informed. Transit service is an essential element for Downtown, so while there may be some changes coming up, Downtown will still have a very similar level of service as today. Click here for a summary of the transit planning work completed to date, review what’s on the table, and see what’s coming up next.

Thank you for your comments and feedback! The City is reviewing community input on the Renton Downtown Design Concepts. If you missed the June 6th workshop, you can still click here to review the concepts.

Let’s bring together our community assets in the Downtown Civic Core!

The Civic Core is the heart of Downtown Renton. It is home to housing, cultural destinations, transit, parks and retail. The Downtown Civic Core Vision and Action Plan will provide a community-driven vision for the future of this important area. The Plan will identify strategies and actions that integrate the great activities that are already happening here with new spaces to gather, safe streets for all modes to travel, and a bustling business environment.

Where are your favorite places in the Downtown Civic Core? What do you do there? 
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